SolDataBank is the first Platform to exchange Intellectual Property and Open Innovation in Latin America.

SolDataBank is the first Platform to exchange Intellectual Property and Open Innovation in Latin America.

What is SolDataBank?

SolDataBank is a digital bank of Ideas and Knowledge that involves professionals, companies and state organizations.

Whether it is business-oriented or freely-distributed, in SolDataBank you may safely publish, transfer or license your own documents of different kinds (text, images, audios, videos, etc.)


If you are searching for an idea or knowledge in order to meet a specific need, you may also publish a request so that the SolDataBank community might suggest possible solutions.

How to Exchange:

Through applications, companies and research centers offer incentives to the community to solve specific problems. Each request is independent and defines in its terms and conditions what the transfer or licensing of the intellectual property will be like and how the winners will be chosen.Only the intellectual property of the chosen will be transferred or licensed, the rest of the users who have participated but who have not been elected will not have modified their intellectual property in any way.

Assignment and transfer of the property, that is, its ownership and all those related rights and duties thereof.

Permits to use or exploit something without transferring ownership of the intellectual property. Their implementation shall be set forth in the agreement. The degree of exclusivity to be granted, as well as the territory for them to be used and the means of payment (consideration), together with the license to commercialize (resell) or sell related adaptations are regularly agreed upon.

Sample agreements that enable copyrights to be safeguarded in different manners (ownership). They result from an International Agreement used at worldwide level.

In SolDataBank we support universal knowledge. On condition that the material is your own, you will be allowed to publish and distribute it free of charge, for which purposes you are advised to use a sample Creative Commons license.

In summary, in SolDataBank you can:

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How I protect my Intellectual Property through the


Proof of Existence

Proof of Existence

Proof of Existence Certificate though Blockchain registration, which will allow you to prove worldwide that a document?s unaltered content was in your possession upon the issue date of such certificate.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Once the Sales or Licensing Agreement terms have been negotiated, both parties may opt to digitally sign such document and register it in a Blockchain, thus making it a valid, confidential and unalterable certification that secures the agreement.



  The necessary data is collected and the transaction is prepared.



  It is encoded by transforming into a single alphanumeric code.



  Sent for validation



  If the validation is confirmed, it is registered in the Blockchain, being saved as a permanent and immutable record.

por defecto

The laws ruling protection of ideas, inventions and knowledge vary from country to country. SolDataBank strongly recommends that the intellectual or industrial property should be legally registered with the appropriate local authorities.

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