3 Amazing Examples for You To Make Money

"3 Amazing Examples for You To Make Money"

This scientist got a government grant to carry out some research. In the meantime, he succeeded in developing some protocols which he knows are sold in the market for peanuts. Thus, he would like to turn them into profit. He is in search of a market where to achieve this.

The provincial government shall grant a reward to that/those who might provide information related to NN's whereabouts. Such reward has been set forth by Regulatory Decree Act N xxx, passed by State House. Said provision authorizes the Executive Power to distribute the sum of money it shall deem appropriate among those who provide useful data for the clarification of the case. Pursuant to the decree, the Ministry of Security, in its capacity of enforcement agency, shall design a procedure ensuring the confidentiality and secrecy regarding the identity of those providing the information.

A small chemical company needs a new antifungal formula to market their products in a new region, so you must open a new area of R & D specialists in the subject, they estimate that demand will take between 6 months and 2 years to obtain the formula that others already have. Thinking about crowdsourcing and knowing that large companies use this method to solve the problem in less than a week, they need a place to make the right request and purchase it directly

In all cases the answer is

Publication date: 26/10/2018

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