How Does Work?

Brief Description From The Perspective Of The Seller And Buyer

For user Sellers:

1) Sign in: They load basic personal data and may choose to show themselves as anonymous. In case of having an invitation code, it is automatically loaded on to the corresponding Referral System category or they create a new one; in either case they receive a code, which will enable them to invite acquaintances, direct commissions and ?reward? chances in consideration of all the sales they make: 2% for their contacts (first-level contacts of their direct contacts), 1% for the second level, 0.5% for the third, 0.25% for the fourth and 0.10% for the fifth.

2) Upload: For all users: Uploading is free. There are 4 different assistants that will help users upload/request a piece of information (image, document, audio, video or a mix of all that); each of these modules gets automatically activated according to the type of data offered for sale, auction or requested. (Feedback to requests is given by uploading a piece that meets the requirements).

3) Value: How much do they want to receive in consideration of the uploaded piece? This will not be the final price given that some taxes will be added (based on the region), plus Referral System community commissions and the commission.

4) Payment medium: Money transfer, check delivery, other electronic payment methods, or either, in case they become frequent salespeople, they may choose to receive a debit card, to which the amounts in consideration of sales made will be loaded.

For user Purchaser:

1) Sign in: They load basic personal data and may choose to show themselves as anonymous for the rest. They may choose among three types of membership: Bronze: is free of charge and they may see/list pieces worth of up to USD 1000, Silver: has an annual cost that will allow you to see pieces worth of up to USD 10000 and Gold: unlimited membership.

2) Search: pieces by Title, Type or Tag. They receive result lists based on their user level.

3) Acquision: upon making a purchase, they receive an e-mail with the download link along with a password to unzip the purchase piece.

Publication date: 16/03/2018

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